The New England Revolution were away this week in Texas as they lost to Dallas FC 3-0. In their last 11 MLS matches, they have only 1 win. They have now lost 4 games in a row.

By this time last season, the Revs were also in a middle of a big slump, including an eight game losing streak, which included a road game in Dallas last July. Even though they play at night, it is still very hot, low 90’s. Although I’m not making up or offering any excuses, they just didn’t play well.

With Andrew Farrell missing this game due to a suspension, London Woodberry was penciled in at center back, his natural position, where has was playing right back this season.

The Revolution went down early in the 10th minutes, when Dallas’s Diaz slipped a free kick under the jumping wall, not normally seen when free kicks are taken, as free kick takers usually try going over the wall and not under it. All this started when London Woodberry made a mistake when he headed a cross up the middle to a Dallas player, forcing London to commit a foul, close to the Revs penalty area. That would be his 2nd week in a row where he commits a mistake leading to a goal against.

It was 1-0 Dallas at half time. The Revs just had nothing going for them offensively. A Lee Nguyen shot from outside the Dallas penalty box wide was about as good of a chance they would create in the first half. They just couldn’t keep possession, couldn’t find ways to get Charlie Davies more touches, more involved in the game.

The 2nd half started good offensively for the Revs. The first 10-15 minutes they were more active, Charlie was more involved, and it finally looked like they might be able to score one.

But an error by captain Jose Goncalves would lead to Dallas’s 2nd goal of the game, in the 64th minute. This time Fabian Castillo would be the goal scorer. Jose tried to pass the ball out of his defensive area, but Diaz, who was applying pressure, was able to block the pass, track the ball down near the corner flag, cross the ball into the Revs penalty box, where Castillo run into the ball, but the shot was saved by Rev’s keeper Bobby Shuttleworth. Scott Caldwell was behind Castillo, and when the rebound came at him, he tried kick it away, but Taylor Hall was right in the path, and the deflection headed right back to Castillo for the easy shot in. Bad luck really, but it all started with Diaz’s pressure he put on Jose.

Nine minutes later, Dallas scored their third and final goal of the match.