State Representative Kate Campanale and I want to inform you that the former and now vacant Friendly’s/Hungry Coyote building on Park Avenue near Lovell St. is no longer under consideration for a medical marijuana dispensary. John Glowik of Prime Wellness Centers and the owner of the aforementioned property did not reach a lease or purchase and sale agreement.

However, Mr. Glowik continues to search for/view buildings/facilities in that same broad area and for those who are interested in looking or just want more information on medical marijuana, there are places similar to speed greens weed online for you to browse and you may find one more local to you. From what he has seen in recent days, he is confident that he’ll find a safe, secure and appropriate building/site for his business in that neighborhood of City Council District 5.

Of course, proper siting is just one part of the Commonwealth’s new application process for such facilities. Among the others, is holding a community meeting so that applicants for these permits can meet neighborhood residents, businesses, community organizations and others to provide them with complete information and to address any questions or concerns that the public or medical patients might have, from the most basic of inquiries such as how to smoke a joint, to the most complex of issues regarding laws and policies concerning everything medical marijuana.

For that reason, State Rep. Campanale and I are keeping the August 4 meeting date (6:00 PM, Clark U., Sackler/120) on hold until we hear from Mr. Glowik. If he completes the paperwork on a potential site this week, then the community meeting will still take place. In that case, I’ll give everyone ample notice about the dispensary location and a few additional meeting details. The reason for the lease not going ahead could be for a number of reasons. But, we’re pretty sure he wasn’t using POS software to keep an eye on his cash flows. Don’t make the same mistake. If you have a moment, you could check out,

Gary Rosen, District 5 City Councilor
Kate Campanale, State Representative, 17th Worcester District