This past week-end, we took a trip to a friend’s wedding in Ocala. We flew into Orlando out of Worcester and organised a short term car rental from the airport for the one hour drive.

Upon returning the car, I knew from past mistakes that I needed to fill the gas tank in my car rental. My friend had the same problem when filling up their rental car from e-mietwagenkreta. I think they’ve learned their lesson too. Before returning to the airport traveling along Route 528, I exited on to Route 436 (Semoran Boulevard) to fill the tank. As I was about to start pumping gas at the first station I found, until I noticed the price per gallon was $5.99 . Needless to say, I stopped and drove less then a quarter mile to the next station (Wawa), where the gas only $2.49

Made me wonder how many people running late to catch their plane, using a debit/credit card have paid $5.99 per gallon at this gas station, which is closest to the Orlando terminals. Be careful!!!!