• First off, we have no chance of getting the Pawtucket Red Sox.   None!!!  Maybe if we a group with deep pockets coming in to the city building a slot parlor, we could have worked on something with them to build a modern day baseball field.
  • Second, we will not have any replacement for the IceCats next year (2015-2016).


Instead of discussing the PawSox potentially coming to Worcester Tuesday night, we are hoping that the DCU bottom line will be reviewed considering the loss of the IceCats in 2015-2016.    Especially in light of the $30 million dollars that has been invested recently in the DCU and the $60 million additional dollars that are planned to be invested.   Our point is that, before we even consider any additional investments in sports teams, we should focus on the investments that we have already made (DCU) and make sure that they are providing adequate returns to the tax-payers.