Here is a reply I posted on my You Tube channel that was prompted by vile and hateful comments directed at the girl in the “Drug induced zombie walk, Charlton St. Worcester, Ma. USA” video. Stefan Dorman, it is what it is, the truth is the word whore is an accurate description.   I could have used the street lingo, but proper English is best.

As a friend of Bill W. these last 33 years of my journey through this life, I have to support Sam’s position on this issue.   While drug addiction may indeed start off being a choice, once it takes hold of the body, and the mind the person affected has lost control over the addiction and the disease of drug addiction has set in. There is a general consensus of highly intelligent medical professionals that support this thesis.
As for why should anyone help her, what if that was your daughter?   How would you feel then?    I was ridiculed, and received condemnation from many within and without the fellowships of AA and NA for making that video, one of a series of videos that I am making after spending the greatest proportion of my life seeking answers to questions that no one could answer about why our country is going to hell and no one is doing anything to halt its destruction.

Drugs and alcohol play a huge role in the reasons why our society has become a cold, cruel place in many areas of our country where the average person is looked upon in our city streets as prey for those that are out there suffering from addictions and looking to “feed the need” one more time.  They will hurt, maim, and yes, even kill innocent people so that they can get that next rock of crack cocaine, or bag of Heroin.     Women are especially vulnerable because of low life scum who dare to call themselves men, force them into prostitution to support THEIR drug habits, they often could care less about whether or not there is enough so that the girl making the money gets her fix, and they only care about their own addiction.

I attended the first of four Opiate Addiction Task Force meetings here in Worcester that are being put on by the newly elected Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker.    I spoke my piece, and I let everyone there know that because of my unconventional method of using social media with that You Tube video, Sam has 5 months of clean time, and has been reunited with her family, seeing her own daughter for the first time in nearly two years she was out there being preyed upon and actively using drugs.

Sam herself will testify that it was the video that finally broke through the barrier of denial that allowed her to WANT to get better and succeed in recovery.    Sam hated me for making that video public, she was very hurt, and even suicidal because of it, she begged me to take it down, I spoke with her father about it, and was being harangued by her sister about it in several hateful E-mails pretty much demanding I take it down.    I was vilified in public at the “End Demand Now” rally on October 8th here in the City of Worcester by Althena Haddon, who also pretty much demanded that I take that video of the channel.

It seemed that only I and a large percentage of the people that watched that video understood its importance as a public service announcement against drug use aimed at those that had not started upon the road to addiction yet. IMHO, it is right up there with the old commercial with the raw egg, and the frying pan, and this is your brain, and this is your brain on drugs when they cracked the egg and fried it.    I made a deal with Sam’s Dad, man to man, that if and when Sam entered treatment I would put a lock on the video unless and until she relapsed or left treatment without completion of the program of recovery.    I had over 114, 700 views when I locked it up based upon the agreement I made with her father.
I only put it back up because I received erroneous information from what I believed to be a reliable source that Sam had relapsed and was back out there on the street up to the same old behaviors.    Apparently my source was not as reliable as I had thought, and Sam is still doing what she needs to do to be in her daughter’s life.    Sam owes me for that, and I see from the posts she is making here on previous comments that she has come to accept the things that she cannot change, has courage to change the things she can, and has the wisdom to know the difference.

I believe Sam will stay on the straight and narrow path of recovery based upon my years of dealing with other Sam’s, and John’s, and Jane’s in recovery.    We are all worthy of redemption, according to the God of MY understanding, and I treat each and every person I meet as I travel this earth as I wish to be treated, and that is with mutual respect as a human being, a Homo Sapiens.     People who fall into the dead end trap off addiction to drugs or alcohol are no less worthy than I am of being treated on an equal basis as a human.      They just need help dealing with their addiction.
When they are successful in recovery, they once again begin to feel good about themselves, relearn how to love and be loved, and learn to make amends for past misdeeds. It is all outlined in the 12 step program of recovery started in Akron, Ohio in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob.    Sam is entirely right here in her posts to you, but obviously you have not reached your bottom, and have little clue as to how hard the road to recovery can be for people like Sam, John, Jane, Jose, Miguel, Jacques. Margaret, etcetera
Our nation is, like you in denial of these matters of which you apparently know little of.   I am optimistic that Governor Charlie Baker has hit upon the right answer, getting all the informed opinions of the best minds in the business together in one auditorium to seek out the answer to the problems facing those in recovery and end the revolving door cycle that is the current treatment program being practiced throughout our country.
Speaking of the best minds, I had my turn at the microphone, and when I did, I made sure to point to Sam as an example that others can follow into recovery. Those out there on the streets in the 700 block of Main Street here in Worcester that I featured in my 60th video, Jennifer Ducharme, Heidi Provost, Amanda Oliver, and Chi Chi Rodriguez all know Sam, and all of them are just as worthy of salvation as Sam was in my book, the God of my understanding does not make junk, and what is in the past is in the past. We in the fellowship live one day at a time, we keep it in the day, and things get better one day at a time.

I pray that you find it in what Sam says is your cold cruel heart, to accept these word of wisdom I have taken the time to author to you out of my busy campaign for City Council At-Large here in Worcester, Massachusetts to change your perspective and come to believe that a higher power can indeed change a person for the better and lead them into a lasting recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction or both.


Mr. Ronald L. O’Clair 707 Main Street, # 13, Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


Please feel free to contact me at any time to answer any question you may have on this issue.


* This is a cut and paste of a reply to Chris Chin; I posted it here so that Sam and Victor would be sure to see it. Victor & Sam, I am happy to hear that I was of some help after all the negative reactions I got for posting it, and all the hateful and vile things people with made up names who cowardly do not use their own name when they post hate filled drivel on subjects they know nothing about can’t be tracked down and shown the error of their ways. Sam, I loved it when you asked for that one posters address and he failed to give it, they are all keyboard commandos, and have no idea of what it is to be a man of honor, like so many people in our society in these days. I am so glad that there is a happy ending to all of this, and one day Sam; you will be able to look back upon this, and smile. That will be when you know you have achieved the serenity part of the 12 step program of recovery. Ron O. Alcoholic.

** For all the critics of me and the reasons behind what I do as I go on about the task of making my community a safer place for all law abiding citizens, I am posting this on the Worcester Herald page. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! I must say though that most of the comments on this thread were not overly harsh or judgmental like the ones on the You Tube thread. These women are all worthy of redemption just like Sam was, and we need to help them WANT to change or they never will, ending up dead and forgotten.