Dear City Leaders:


As a resident of Worcester and a graduate of North High School I am sickened by the violence that is happening at that school.     After reading Saturday’s report in the T&G I felt a need to write this letter.     Action to make that school safe is long overdue.    The action plan that has been reported in the media so far is laughable.north high school

As a retired educator of 36 years, I believe I know a little bit about education. It appears that 1,360 students along with the staff of North High are being deprived of the atmosphere that is conducive to quality education.    To allow 30 or so trouble makers to hold these students and staff as educational hostages is not acceptable.

What is happening at North is a black eye for the entire Worcester Public School System. The type of publicity the school system is getting, as a result of the turmoil at North High, does more to make the middle class run away from the Worcester Public Schools and our city, than any test score results.

The students and staff at North High need to be listened to. They need to be protected and supported. As an outsider looking in, it does not appear that is the case.    If parents were neglecting their children to the same degree that it appears many of our city leaders are neglecting the needs of the students at North High School, those parents would be reported to the authorities for abuse and neglect.

I know my words are harsh and strong, but as a mandated reporter, I feel I need to report the neglect of these students to the leaders who are charged with protecting them.



Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

Gary Vecchio

Gary Vecchio

Gary Vecchio