la scalaI never attended culinary school or have claimed to have a trained palette. I’m just an average Yankee in my late 50’s,with that being said I’m going to write about some of the eateries I have visited in my years here in Worcester.

To begin I’m going to talk about a place I accidentally found thanks to Groupon. I was looking for gifts for my siblings and they had a deal. $15 for $30 worth of food at LaScala on Shrewsbury St.

I bought 1 for myself and 2 as gifts. My brother went and said he liked it, then my sister said she the same. My wife and I went for lunch only to learn the Groupon was dinner only. We ordered antipasto to start and noticed people around us in this quaint setting were all splitting one meal. Our salad came and we were blown away. The platter it was served on could easily feed 4-6 people. We got sandwiches for lunch and we brought home a ton of salad.

Going back for dinner was a great experience, we again ordered the antipasto to start,we were informed that lasagna was the special and order that for both of us. Again more salad then we could finish without spoiling the main course which was huge. Two slabs each, I say slab to describe the amount we were served.

In December we had a family get together and ordered our food from there. They are closed Mondays Sunday is opened for private functions only but if we are close at lunch it is our first choice.

If you are a restaurant owner that would care to invite me to experience your eatery, email me

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