The Carving is a new short film which was created during The Providence 48 Hour Horror Project along with several other productions which are part of the competition. All movies including The Carving will be shown at The Roots Cultural Center in Providence Rhode Island from 9:00 P.M. – 11:00 P.M. on October 29th for the public to watch. Tickets are $10 per person which can be purchased at the doors or online and T-Shirts are also available as selling merchandise. The story is about a demon that is summoned during a pumpkin carving party and all hell breaks loose for those taking part in the event.


Shoot The Moon Films was the team behind making this project and everyone involved in the production were a fan of horror films or movies that psychologically tweaked them out. Each group taking part in the 48 Hour film competition were presented with stipulations to come up with a story, capture it on film, and edit it into a completed product before their time frame was up. Once the clock commenced Shoot The Moon Film’s story began to unravel into a script which was put together by Natasha Darius and Nicholas Magrey. “One of our greatest strengths is that Nick and I trust each other as writers.” Says Screenwriter Natasha Darius, “As co-writers, you will always run into the situation where you find you have to defend your decision to write a line or use one word versus another.” Writing a script is a vivid challenge within itself but more so when a very limited duration is given to the writers. “We bounce ideas off one another and then just dive right in to the writing.” Says Screenwriter Nicholas Magrey, “We silently take different parts of the film, write, and then go back and edit each other’s work while seamlessly blending our parts together. Our process is all on the spot and organic to the event.”

Behind scenes Behind Scenes 3

A cast and crew were already assembled as a group prior to the competition including Jeffrey Buchbinder who would be directing. Once the script was finished The Carving team began filming. Despite the intense deadline which was hovering over the filmmakers and actors, the shooting schedule went along with perfect timing throughout the day. “Four or five of our cast and crew members were involved in a modern production of “Frankenstein” at the Bradley Theater in Putnam, CT, and there were three performances that weekend.” Says Director Jeffrey Buchbinder, “We ended up having to stop shooting by 5:25 p.m. on Saturday to accommodate their schedules.” When the last take of the last shot had finally gone underway a freak rain storm had arrived which came completely unexpected to everyone. Many of the cast and crew from The Carving had recently worked together on another film called, Searching for the Perfect Meatball, which is a feature-length comedy/drama that Shoot the Moon Films shot over the summer. “When everyone came back to work on The Carving, it was like picking up where we left off,” says actor and producer Curtis Reid, “Only with a different project entirely.”


After the 48 Hour Film Horror Project Shoot The Moon Films plans to submit The Carving to other local festivals, and ones that specifically cater to the horror genre. Ultimately, they will upload the film to YouTube and/or Vimeo so anyone will be able see the finished product. Sometime down the road they would also like to burn some DVDs and Blurays to sell at screenings or future events for Shoot the Moon Films. Tomorrow night you can see the movie for yourself and compare it to the other projects from The 48 Hour Film Challenge.

“Whether audiences know about the 48-hour challenge or not, we are happy to have competed and completed a project within the time frame. I hope people enjoy the film and appreciate the hard work that every cast and crew member put into The Carving.” – Curtis Reid

To find out more about the movie you can like their facebook page or visit Shoot The Moon’s Website.