Stephen Collins. Via commons.wikipedia.

Stephen Collins. Via commons.wikipedia.

Former 7th Heaven star, Stephen Collins, 67, is under fire for a supposed confession concerning acts of pedophilia. CNN reported that it took place during the 70’s. The confession is heard in a recording released by TMZ. Verification has not come from Collins or his team, but CNN did report that Collins resigned from the Screen Actors Guild National Board. Things don’t look good.

In my own personal opinion I have decided Collins is on the tape. The voice matches, and he has not denied anything. As much as the focus should be on Collins crimes, it is also on his past work, especially the beloved series 7th Heaven. This is where families met him as a pastor with time for everyone’s problems.

Now that Collins dark side has come to light is it wrong to watch repeats of 7th Heaven? The tape hasn’t been verified, but if it is real, a pedophile is on screen. The character, named Rev. Eric Camden, is who were supposed to be watching, but Collins is still there.

Even the theme song is tainted by this recent scandal. As I watch the different scenes, I hope that the regular feelings I’ve always had while watching 7th Heaven will be there. I want to enjoy a wholesome show, which was able to cover topics ranging from foster children needing homes, to sexual harassment from a teacher against the oldest daughter, in family friendly way. Nostalgia wants me to hold on to this show, because I grew up watching it and I was a dedicated fan, but I find myself letting go. As the show slips away I don’t reach out for it.

As Collins section of the theme song begins my mood changes. The song puts a warm feeling in my heart, but when I see Collins face I feel disgusted. The scandal is all I can think of. I once enjoyed entering Rev. Camden’s office, but now I want nothing more than to turn around, and slam the door. While I don’t believe anyone on set was ever affected, because the tape describes moments with family friends, every scene featuring Collins brings up questions. What was he thinking during the show? How could he of acted so normal, and played a pastor of all things? Did he ever hurt any other children, and never report it during his therapy sessions? In interviews he didn’t come off as a disgusting person, but many others have been exposed with similar offenses, after fooling people for so long.

The allegations and tape are enough to destroy someone’s reputation, but as a public figure, Collins already has fans who adore him, and an All-American image set in the heads of many. Just as Roman Polanski continues to work behind the camera, Collins may stay on people’s TV sets. It doesn’t sound like Collins will act for a while, or ever again, because of his resignation from the Screen Actors Guild National Board, but repeats will be enough to retain some fans.

This scandal isn’t like the other scandals, or when an actor dies tragically. Children were involved, being forced to experience unthinkable acts. While nothing is confirmed, and things may remain unconfirmed, watching 7th Heaven repeats, or even clips, cannot be part of my live.

Part of me wants to think that a few months from now I’ll be watching 7th Heaven repeats with a grin on my face, but I can’t imagine changing my mind because there are no come backs for child molesters. At least not one I would support. The kind of heinous act committed by Collins doesn’t go away over time. We may never get answers, but some questions could never receive an explanation that I could understand. Child molestation is unforgivable, and when no names surface as pedophiles most of the country hates their guts. Because Collins was a star first his work may still garner a fan base, I just won’t be part of it.

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