phpTticMaYou have to warm your buns. If you’re going to wake up at four thirty in the morning and are craving a hot dog, warm your buns. Especially if they were in the fridge in an attempt to avoid too-soon mold during a New England September hot and humid heat wave. Yup. The queen of healthy and anti-Monsanto is sitting at her computer, eating a hot dog with ketchup, mustard, relish and onions and attempting to write an interesting article long before the sun rises. It’s been a long summer, after all. And I haven’t had a hot dog in a long time. Not even on our camping trips. I deserve this. The house is quiet and no one will ever know, right?


A long summer, indeed. A summer full of Market Basket, ice bucket challenges, the loss of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, ISIS, September school bus fiascos and the ever-present feeling that global warming has taken its hold. Hazy, hot and humid, fer sher. I wonder how many of us have had to get in touch with HVAC contractors like those found at Air Care Heating and Cooling ( to fix any problems with our air conditioning before the heat has a chance to get any worse? I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to live through this heat without some sort of cool air. We should all have a hot dog at four thirty in the morning. We deserve it. Especially that bus driver. If I knew where she lived, I’d bring her a hot dog, give her a pat on the back to let her know I feel for her and have a long talk right now.


Every time I sit down to write an article, someone has either beaten me to it, taking the words right out of my mouth (turtleboy!) or I just can’t decide what deserves my attention the most. Holy cow, there’s been a lot of stuff going on and how am I possibly going to pick one thing to cover? As an adult with ADHD, you can’t expect too much from me. Especially since, by the time you wrap your head around one thing that’s going on, another thing has happened that is just as, if not more so, worthy of your attention.


The news. We all want to hear it and love that dirty laundry but I’m getting sick of it. It sickens me to see people out of work. People wasting water. It sickens me that we’ve lost two iconic comics. The bus incident? Let’s not go there. It’s already overdone. Sicken is too soft a word for how I feel about that one. And it sickens me that September 11 is coming, jumbo jets are missing and we are all just. Holding. Our. Breath.


I’m not going to write about any of this stuff because I’m turning over a new leaf. Only happy writings. Everyone airs the dirty laundry. Let’s try putting out some news that is as fresh and clean-smelling as my eco-friendly fabric softener. Because dirty laundry is just that. Piles of someone else’s overused and abused stuff. Bad news. And it stinks. I’m calling you all out. Come on, Worcester. Don’t let the school bus incident keep you down. There’s so much to celebrate in our city and I want to hear about it. From you. The citizens. This is, after all, a citizens’ newspaper. Tell us what you’re celebrating!


Do you know someone who’s done a good deed? Do you have a neighborhood hero? Are you paying it forward? I’d love to interview you! A friend of mine recently had her Dunkin Donuts order paid for by the car ahead of her and she, of course, paid for the car behind her and so on and so forth. What a beautiful chain reaction to start up on a manic Monday during the first full week back to school. (That’s tomorrow – are you going to Dunkins?) We all have the power to make a positive difference – even if it’s just within our own little city neighborhoods. Our own little worlds.


We can all be the Girl Scout/Boy Scout we used to be. Dig deep. Find that inner child. The innocent, happy thing you used to have going on inside yourself. It’s still there. Like this hot dog that has gotten cold and I’ve only taken two bites of. Warm it up and finish the job. Bring it on. I’m dying to hear from you. And, speaking of dye – did you hear about Betty White?!