On August 6, 2011 the Taliban took down a Chinook Helicopter carrying 25 SEAL Team 6 members resulting in the single greatest loss of life in the history of Special Operations. They dropped into a hot landing zone, but standard Apache escorts are sent elsewhere. No pre-fire was laid down. Nearby buildings are not cleared. The CH-47 takes a hit to its main rotor and all personnel on board are killed in the crash.
Charles and Maryann Strange, the parents of CTR1 Michael Strange will describe what went wrong, what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama told them at Dover AFB and how they are now being harassed by the NSA simply because they’ve been asking questions about the circumstances that lead to the death of their son.
General admission tickets are free. Reserved tickets are front row seating, and include a Michael Strange Foundation t-shirt along with a brief private meeting with Charles and Maryann before or after the event.