frostholm ribbon 3

Frostholm Memorial

I know you… you are the person walking the dog by my house. You probably remember myself and often times my two daughters coming to greet your frisky friend like we are long lost buddies. We are animal lover’s right through to the core.
But did you know… we are the ones, like so many others that quietly do our work around the city. The park you enjoy? Typically volunteers like us. And if it’s not a volunteer mowing it, there is likely a volunteer group somewhere in the background making sure it looks as good as it can, even though the years often take its toll on Worcester’s public spaces.

herb Adams

On March 27 2013, Herbert H. Adams was finally awarded the Orange Lanyard which represents the Militaire Willems-Orde which was presented to the 82nd

War memorials? The same. The silent few. The folks that never say no or someone with a story that leads them down this path. A dear friend, a World War II Veteran who only recently scaled back his community service due to his health … at 90 years old… insists there must be a reason he survived. So nearly every day for over 60 years he donated his time to our community in honor of the soldiers who weren’t so lucky.

This afternoon, I found it as I tried to make a dent in the trimming that had gotten behind at a local park. I found it again as I picked up trash and trimmed at a local war memorial. I know you were planning on returning for it. But it slipped your mind once you got home. Or maybe you thought that no one else saw it so it was okay to lose.
But I found it. And my sneakers will stay outside tonight because I stepped in it over and over.
Consider for a moment, the next time you walk your beautiful pup and let him or her poop in a Worcester park or on the lawn surrounding a war memorial and think no one will notice, we all notice and we will be glad to return it when we find you.


Beth Proko