On Saturday August 2nd I sat down with Constitutional educator Daniel Vincent McGonnigle on The Meat And Potatoes Show.

Dan showed up on my set as a guest in the continuing series I have been putting together on Article V of our US Constitution.   Article V calls for the amending of our Constitution by our legislators.  Convention of States calls for the states to demand that there be an Article V. Which ever way we go it is a VERY BAD IDEA.

In a conversation I had on the July 15th radio show of Patriot Games with host Stephanie Davis and Catherine White from ConstitutionDecoded.com.   It is all well and good for the states to demand an Article V Convention, which is well within their rights to do so.

They can draft delegates, write a resolution, pass rules of voting and procedure until the cows come home.  However, once we reach that 2/3rds majority Congress then takes it over.   The likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Sheila Jackson Lee will then decide how the amendment (s) will be written.     The problem is we did this once before in 1787 with our Articles of Confederation… Guess what?.. They threw them out.

Given the chance, our Congress will not hesitate one second to toss out our Constitution in one fell swoop. And we (the states) would have handed them the rope to hang us with.   Don’t believe me? Think this is crazy talk? Just listen to what Sheila Jackson Lee once said to the Black Caucus.

As Dan educated me on the history behind where we once were as a Constitutional Republic and to where we are now in BizarroWorld, he touched upon the levels of power and the importance of what it meant to have a well organized militia.

At one time America was armed.. I mean ARMED! You couldn’t swing a cat without hitting some one carrying a musket or a couple of flintlock pistols. It was supposed to be this way. Society was supposed to maintain a well regulated militia for defense.

In fact just leading up to the battles of Lexington and Concord; in 1774 thousands of militia surrounded the various British  courthouses in all the counties (except Suffolk) and demanded the removal of British appointed Judges and staffers. They were all sent packing back to Boston.

It was prompted by the unlawful searches, seizures and detentions of Americans conducted by the Crown (mmm, why does that sound familiar?). Although these crowds were armed not a shot was fired. The action was to codify that (as Americans) we were going to stand up for ourselves and defend our liberty by the barrel if need be.

Unfortunately in 1903 under the Dick Act. the disbanding of our militia and creation of The National Guard has set us on a downward spiral of government tyranny. National Guard rarely (if ever) have been used to thwart governmental abuses. Instead they are instruments OF government abuse.  The people, who used to be the ‘organized, and well regulated militia’, are now disbanded, disarmed, disorganized and powerless.

As I continue educating myself with this series it becomes clear that adding more laws and amendments is not the solution. Congress, The President, The Supreme Court, AG, IRS, EPA, USDA… Name your poison, already do not follow the law or the Constitution. What pie in the sky idea makes us think they will follow another amendment?

We cannot even get our City Council to understand the gravity of the Oath they swear to. What Dan McGonnigle suggests is what he wrote in his book and talks about in his seminars; that we “Execute The Laws” and “Enforce Our Constitution”.