Can’t afford Google Glass? These Fun’iki glasses are a TENTH of the price


Created by Tokyo-based group Matilde, the $150 (£90) glasses light up in different colours to send you alerts about new message, phone calls and app activity. Link to story

More people than ever oppose the NSA practices Edward Snowden revealed. Why should he spent his life in prison?

The justice system would never allow Snowden to present a real defense at trial. That’s just one reason to give him amnesty The Guardian’s riveting video interview with Edward Snowden this week ended with one of the biggest unresolved question in the debate over Snowden’s decision to leak Link to story

Yahoo’s Share Of The Search Market Fell Below 10% For The First Time Ever

The latest data from comScore on the state of search industry isn’t good for Yahoo. Yahoo’s share of the U.S. search market is under 10% for the first time ever, says Ben Schachter of Macquarie Research. Yahoo’s actual share is 9.8%, its lowest ever. Yahoo’s share of the search market has been Link to story

The 3D Printed Cast That Heals Bones 40-80% Faster


When one has a bone reset after a traumatic accident, a plaster cast is normally used to hold the break in place until it heals. For the average bone, however, that means 6 to 8 weeks in an itchy, stuff cast. But thanks to an innovative student from the middle east, the amount of time required Link to Story

Twitter Acquires CardSpring To Power In-Tweet Commerce And Offers

Twitter just announced it’s acquired CardSpring to enable “in-the-moment commerce experiences.” CardSpring is an application platform that lets developers build card-linked offers electronic coupons, loyalty cards, and virtual currencies that work with credit cards and other types of payments. Link to story

Future pacemakers might be completely biological

It’s pretty amazing that humanity has invented a small electrical device that can be used to ensure a heart keeps a steady beat, but pacemakers have to be maintained, replaced — sometimes they can even become infected. Researchers say they’re working on a less invasive solution: a “biological Link to Story

Hostels Embrace Airbnb in Effort to Escape Rising Booking Fees

At the Pacific Tradewinds Hostel in San Francisco, owner Darren Overby has found an unlikely ally in his efforts to keep his hostel’s operating costs down: Airbnb. Though the website is primarily associated with apartment rentals (and considered by many as a scourge to budget travel operators Link to story

Google Now voice media controls incoming

It looks like some people are enjoying voice controls for media that is currently playing as part of Google Now. So far the only commands available are “Next Song” and “Stop”, but we can only Link to story

Chrome 36 launches with rich notifications improvements, new incognito design, doodles on Android, and more

Google today released Chrome version 36 for Windows, Mac, and Linux (Update: Android as well, see below). Among the changes are various additions and improvements, as well as the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks; you can update to the latest release now using the browser’s built-in silent Link to story

10 things new LG G3 owners need to know


If you’re just getting a new LG G3, we’ve got some tips to help you on your way For some lucky souls around the globe the LG G3 has been in their hands for a few weeks now. For lucky folks stateside Link to story

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