I’m going to keep this as to what I know ANDROID. When I get a new phone or I’m asked “what apps should I start with?” I have a two I suggest or install right away.

  1. “Lookout” security, lookout offers a free version and a “premium” version for a few dollars- I would suggest trying the premium trial.
  2. DROPBOX”, this app offers a place to store things and if needed you can buy more space, the key feature is it automatically backs up your pictures.

These are just two I will be suggesting more in later posts, but it seems each day more apps are added to the Google Play Store.     Here are top 8 new apps in June to check out.

I also suggest you check Google Play often in the “my apps” section to see if any of your apps require updates, personally I do not like automatic updates. In the past I have had multiple try to update at once cause phone to freeze or slowdown.



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