Reminiscent of the dimly lit taverns of the 1770’s when our early Patriots gathered to pontificate Liberty and decry the scourge of Tyranny the Worcester Tea Party held its monthly meeting, June 19th at The Canal Bar on Water St. Modern day bloggers and web based media creators came together to discuss how best to get their message out to a public devoid of media information. As our early Patriots  would write and distribute ‘pamphlets’ so too does this NEW group of modern day pamphleteers.

Editor in Chief and owner of this paper, The Worcester Herald Bill Randell, Granite Grok Radio, Pete “Da-Tech Guy”, Rob Eno of Red Mass Group, John Weston from WCRN and members of the WTP itself talked about the bias of the Lame Stream Media and the rise of the Citizen Journalist. The M&P Conservative Media Network filmed the event.

What makes such a gathering important is that Citizen Journalists came together to strategize. No longer were they entities unto themselves but began the first crucial steps to becoming a cohesive media element. One to be reckoned with. Every one of the speakers know the mass media is lying to the public. Here the Citizen Journalists laid the groundwork to pool their resources and work together  to get the truth out.

The power and scope of Citizen Journalism is so pervasive now that it has prompted one Senator to call for a restriction of First Amendment Rights to only ‘professional journalists’. Senator Diane Feinstein testified to a Senate Hearing earlier this year on this matter and told the committee members that freedom of speech is a “special privilege”.

However, the good Senator is woefully mistaken and is in breach of her Constitutional Oath of Office. For, what spreads the message of Liberty is the private citizen and his/her right to speak freely on any subject anytime, anywhere, any way. If we start to delegate who has the ‘right’ to say what then all information can be strictly controlled. The early message of Liberty began when Patriots took pen to paper and freely distributed their writing. The most powerful Empire of the 1770’s couldn’t stop it then and the most powerful Empire of this 21’st century cannot stop it as well.