If you’re heading out to Millbury this Saturday on June 7thFat Foot Films make sure to stop by Elm Draught House Cinema to see Fat Foot Film’s newest movie “How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body”.

Maxine and Shae have been friends since grade school, so when Maxine accidentally kills her boyfriend she naturally asks Shae to help her cover up the murder. After multiple failed attempts the two decide to bring in a professional to clean up their mess, but he turns out to be nothing like they were expecting. Maxine and Shae will have to make it through the day by avoiding the police, fending off noisy neighbors, and surviving a wrathful mobster all while pushing their friendship to its maximum limits.

Tickets stand at only five dollars per person for anyone seventeen or older to see this raunchy comedy film. At  2PM the doors will open for the public and the movie will officially premier at 3PM when the audience gets to watch Meredith L. Phillips as Maxine and Vanessa Leigh as Shae. How I Dumped My EX-Boyfriend’s Body is Written and Directed by Dennis Nadeau and Produced by Erik Johnson, Brian Palmer, Chris Gozdur, Dennis Nadeau, and Ryan Convery. “I have been working nonstop on the film with color correcting and audio fixes” says Producer Ryan Convery “The movie probably won’t be finished until the night before the premier which is usually how this industry works; when it comes to making a film you’re really not done until it’s on the big screen.”

Ryan is the president of Fat Foot Films and founded the production company back in 2007; he intends on keeping that dream alive until the day he dies. Other projects are also under development for Fat Foot Films including a collaboration on a paranormal feature with American Horror Films titled “Hollow Children”. “I think people will be blown away at what we can accomplish with making a no budget film” says Ryan “The best part for me is the crowd reaction, and let me tell you people are going to react to this movie. I’m sure the audience will be in stitches”.

Limited tickets will be on sale the day of the Premier or can buy tickets ahead of time.


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