The family of Seal Team Six member Petty Officer First Class Michael Strange has remained undeterred in their search for answers surrounding their son’s death. Strange, along with 22 other members of the team were killed when the helicopter  they were travelling in was shot down  in Afghanistan in 2011.


Charles Strange, Michael’s father believes the publicity created by the family’s newspaper, radio, and television interviews has  resulted in the tapping of their home computer and cell phones. The suit was originally filed in November of 2013  and was upheld by the District Court For The District Of Columbia in February of this year, after the Government tried to have it dismissed, claiming they had suspended the type of surveillance the law suit addresses.

The suit specifically names President Barrack Hussein Obama II, Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., Keith B.  Alexander, the National Security Agency. as well as telecommunications giant Verizon as defendants.  It accuses them of  the illegal, warrant-less wire tapping of their home computer and cell phones.

High powered  Washington lawyer Larry Klayman, the founder of such legal watchdog groups  as Judicial Watch  and Freedom Watch is representing the family, as well as 100 million other Americans whose phone call records were turned over to the NSA by Verizon.

It is the first class action suit of it’s kind and directly challenges the National Security Agency’s sweeping collection of telephone call metadata. The suit is seeking $12 billion in damages. It also alleges that the NSA and Verizon accessed their phone records because of ” the family’s determination and outspoken criticism of this administrations deception,” regarding the circumstances surrounding the shoot-down of their son’s helicopter in Afghanistan.

In an interview with a local CBS affiliate in Philadelphia Strange’s father told a reporter ” someone who works at Verizon told me my phone was being tapped. I was hearing odd clicking sounds while I was using the phone. My wife went on the home computer one night and all of a sudden she saw an image of her sitting at the computer on the monitor, from the side, it was a side shot!!  So, it couldn’t have come from the computer’s webcam.”

” The only documentation we were given relating to Michael’s death was a CD disc that supposedly contained a 1300 page report. When we tried to open up the file to read the report it was impossible, it was a jumble. My wife was the one who was able to get some information from it, much of it was redacted documents. You have to wonder if there was some kind of a bug or something on that disc that tracked everything we were doing on our home computer. We ended up having to take it in for repairs, the guy that looked at it said there was some very very complicated programming inserted on the hard drive, some of which he had never seen before,” Strange said.

” We have no intention of giving up the fight. When we went to Washington on the 30th of April and sat down with some very high officials we were told point blank that they had never ever read the report. They told us they had seen various info from the internet and watched some YouTube videos. You believe that, the biggest loss of life of special operations people in military history and they never even read the report,” Strange said.…/the-awakening–extortion17-exposed…/extortion17-billy-and-karen-vaughn-on-the- exceptional-conservative-show