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Back in May of 2013 Merchandise Manager and Videographer, Dave Kimball, started working alongside the reggae band Stranger  who began touring in California, traveling from city to city throughout the southwest region. An important experience came into play for Dave from this particular tour. He and the band members were provided with a tremendous amount of support from the various people that they ran into along the way. From college radio stations, internet stations, to head shops, restaurants, and everyday people were helping pitch in with the difficult task of the guys trying to expose their music. Food was provided for them and also a place to sleep at the end of the night which financially spared the starving artists . Also the simple gesture of people sharing the band’s music to friends proved to be a pivotal action in exposing Stranger’s work. These kind deeds left a deep impression on Dave as their tour continued on.

CNEU Radio

When the band’s tour started to wind down by the spring of 2014 Dave got a call from CNEU owner, Brad Auricchio-Carrol, offering him a job as station manager. Dave accepted the position and quickly moved from San Diego to Massachusetts. The first order of business that Dave wanted to bring to CNEU Radio was to incorporate the same kind of generosity that was provided to him on tour for rising bands all over Mass and also the rest of the country. “This will be an important quality I want to bring to CNEU radio” Says Dave Kimball “Helping nationally touring bands who might not know too many people in our area. Help them with some burgers and dogs, hang out, interview them, get them some exposure, and get all our people to their show.



CNEU Radio 2

Photo Credit Janine Whittaker

With the third year going underway for CNEU Radio, the station is very eager with expanding its resources and growing the company. One aspect in this expansion is the organization of their Rock Radio Girls who will help get people interested in the network. A new show for the station is also in development called Model Behavior which will mix the modeling industry and music in a fun and innovative way; it will be hosted by Dave Kimball and local model Karmen Moon. Multimedia has been a high interest for the station as well, for they want the bands to be seen as much as they’re heard. “CNEU has some big things in the works” says Dave “I’m cashing in lots of favors from people I have worked with in the past to really take CNEU to the next level.”


CNEU has recently moved into a new office and Studio in Lowell, MA. A lot of things are on their plate including a live broadcast show tonight with Mask and Raid, Age of End, Taken, and The Screen at The Skybox in Tewksbury, MA.


Lots of other live broadcasts will be performed this summer from Massachusetts up to Maine. “I think there are a lot of amazing bands in the area that have great potential to do big things” says Dave “With me at the station they have a friend and ally that wants to see them succeed and I will die trying to make it happen for them!”

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