Greetings, it’s finally time for some GREAT spring fishing throughout New England.    After the brutal winter and frankly colder than usual April/May it’s time to get out for some awesome fishing adventures.   Depending on where you are in New England,  the Bass should be setting up beds, on beds or just leaving beds.    It is a wonderful time to get some quality fish.  Think about it, They’ve been under the ice for a LONG time and are now starting a family.   Time to feed up!

Saturday I am hooking up the Polar Kraft gofishdan2and heading to NH and ME for a week of insane Bass Fishing.    I’ll have my arsenal of YUM baits like the Wooly Bug, Zellemander and the classic Yum Dingers in 5 inch along with Bomber Crankbaits,  Smithwick Rouge ,  Jerkbaits and plenty of Booyah Jigs & Spinnerbaits.    Like many of you a hundred pounds of baits and lures is not quite enough:)

Seriously though, I do enjoy figuring out the pattern and utilizing all of these baits to unlock what bait, presentation they are most attracted to.
Enjoy your time on the water, Be smart, safe and catch some fish!

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God Bless & Go Fish..    Take a minute and check out one of my videos, who knows some day you may be getting filmed on the boat yourself with me!