Making money is a great way to stay busy and be able to buy items you want. However, learning when to save and spend your money is a difficult task.  So today I am going to help you handle money smartly. Say, you earned $40.00 from a yard sale and $20.oo  from weekly allowance, what will you do with the money? Well take the $60.00  and split it in half. Put half of the money in “savings” and the rest in “spending.” The save half, spend half method is a great way to keep a balance of your money. Trust me if you save your money now, you can use it to buy a house, pay for college, and much more.But you are still a child, so you can spend your money on objects you want.

Another thing you can do to be responsible with money is to ask your parents if they can open up a “savings” bank account. If they agree try setting a monthly goal on how much money you’d like to put in the account.  Your parents will be very proud that you took the initiative to make a goal for yourself and use your money smartly. Now lets say you have $40.00 to spend. What will you spend it on?? Try not to spend it on silly items like a boumoney money money moneyncy ball, or a doll because they won’t help you in the long run. You might also want to stay away from the Dollar Store because they have very cheap items that break easily. But if you spent your money on a CD or a little drawer for your room they can be useful for ages to come.

No matter what you do with money always try to use it in a smartly fashioned way. Lastly, buy a gift for friends or family members. For example, maybe your friends lacrosse team won their division, you could buy her a nice gift. It will make her feel really happy and make her feel like you care. As you can see saving and spending your money the right way can be very difficult. So try to make the right decisions with money. When you do you’ll feel very proud and happy!